Pig® Raiser – Underspin 16g

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The Pig Raiser from Catch with Care is a Swim Jig/Under Spin jig head that empathizes to the finesse perch angler. The Pig Hoover is a subtle swim jig that lets the angler make use of a spinning willow leaf below the skirts of the jig and keep a shad or stick bait as a bulkier trailer.The laser sharp 4/0 hook is equipped with a wire lure keep that helps with the fixation of the trailer of choice. The head of The Hoover Pig is colored and coated for additional attraction to the skirts of the Under Spin jig. Available in 11g and 16g.

  • Silicone skirt
  • Stainless steel binding wire
  • 4/0 Light Wire hook
  • UV-Coated
  • Hand painted