Perception® II

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BFT Perception® – II is the new design of the classic trend-setting rod series from BFT, developed for perch fishing by perch anglers. The Perception® series covers finesse fishing, traditional jig fishing, technique fishing and hard baits such as Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits and jerkbaits. Perception® and feel are everything when fishing with rubber lures and that’s where these rods excel! The spear blank is made with a High-Ton graphite mixture, which makes them so light, sensitive and fast. The recovery time on these blanks from cast to hook is exceptionally short.

The BFT Perception® II comes equipped with super light TI-Forged rings and a minimalistic Fuji SK2 and TVS reel mount which reduces the total weight of these rods below 100 grams! All roller mounts are manufactured with a Soft-Touch rubber coating for even better grip. The action on Perception® rods is Medium Fast to Fast. Even though Perception are fast and top rods, the whole blade will bow under pressure, this minimizes the risks of the fish winning the battle. An important design piece to the fact that the majority of anglers use braided line in most cases. 2 shared. Case included.

  • TI Forged Ring
  • TI Forged Guide
  • Fuji SK2 & TVS Reel seats
  • Soft-Touch Coating
  • Spigot
  • Fuji hook keeper