Blue Water – Black Edition

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The BFT Blue Water Black Edition combines a Fast action top with a gradual parabolic action that expands closer to the tail of the rod. This shifts more pressure to the fish instead of loading the angler. Built for extreme sea fishing after hard fighting Halibut and monster sizes of Cod. Designed in collaboration with the Catch with Care Fishing Team – Ulf Hugsén.
Virtus Ring Lock Guides, one of the best rings made for sea fishing. 316 Stainless steel frame enhances corrosion resistance protection and a strong frame structure. Quad Leg Design and Ring Lock Frame. Fuji wheelchair and gimbal. American Tackle Virtus Ring Lock Guides and Fuji Wheelchair. EVA Foam handle. Ring hook holder. 2 shared. Cordura case included.

  • Virtus Ring Lock Guides
  • Quad Leg Design & Ring Lock Frame
  • EVA foam
  • Ring lock frame
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Spigot socket division