Fishing is great fun and something for all ages! We at CWC are the first company to invest in our own junior team! These young people are really passionate about fishing, which can be seen in their success, as one fine fish after another is posed with on the juniors’ joint Instagram account. The goal we have is for the juniors to inspire many children and young people to try fishing and hopefully stick with it, while we have a lot of fun together at our competitions and fishing meetings.

max persson

Max is a very dedicated fisherman who likes many different types of fishing. However, his focus is on pike and he often takes the bike to grandpa to long boat, when dad doesn't have time to go out! He loves to compete and is always hungry to test new waters. Season is irrelevant, there are always new fish to catch!


Leo, a happy guy from southern Sweden who is a really good pike fisherman! He has many nice pikes on his conscience that fell for his Pig Shads, Buster Swims and not least for his homemade wooden baits! He really has talent with a capital T when it comes to pasture building, despite his young age!

Nils Arnlöf

Nils is a big fisher of rank! He and his father Johan spend a lot of time mainly on perch, but they also harvest fantastic pike and zander together. When Nils presents a Piglet Shad or a Pigster Tail, not a single perch is safe! He also likes to enter a pike competition every now and then.